Wipe Outz Shop Towels (3 pack of rolls): Soft, Long Lasting, Durable and Sterilized

If you are looking for premium paper towels for tattooing that are soft, durable, long lasting, and highly absorbent, look no further than Wipe Outz Shop Towels! These revolutionary paper towel rolls were designed, tested, and approved by tattoo artists, and made specifically with their specialized needs in mind.

We know how important superior products are when you are creating tattoo masterpieces, so we incorporated characteristics that matter into our design, like:

  • Producing less lint
  • Experiencing less needle clog

When compared with standard paper towels, you will see a noticeable difference when it comes to the aggravating lint and loose paper particles that can clog your needle or hinder your ability to capture the perfect finished photo.

In addition, Wipe Outz Shop Towels are noticeably softer and less abrasive than typical paper towels. This can lead to better healed tattoos because your clients’ skin is:

  • Less irritated
  • Smoother
  • Not subjected to the rough texture of standard paper towels that can commonly irritate the skin

In addition, our research and development team considered the importance of environmental factors and we created a towel that lasts significantly longer than your standard roll. This was demonstrated during field testing when Ink by Saga and Frank LaNatra used Wipe Outz Shop Towels at a three-day tattoo convention. Both artists were accustomed to using one roll of paper towels per day (for a total of three rolls per weekend), when maintaining their busy convention schedules. But with the efficiency and absorbency of Wipe Outz Shop Towels, they were surprised to find that they only needed ONE roll for the entire three-day event. Furthermore, black and grey artists have also reported that one roll will typically last a minimum of one week (and sometimes two), which is significant not only to efficiency and overall cost, but also to the environment.

Wipe Outz Shop Towels feature a select-size option (80 to 160 towels per roll) and arrive to you in individually shrink-wrapped quantities of three rolls. They are gamma-sterilized for extra safety and protection from germs and contamination and packed in an airtight poly bag. Because of this feature, we recommend that once you open the package, you keep the rolls in an airtight container to maintain optimal levels of sterilized and cleanliness.

Join other top-tier level tattoo artists by incorporating a superior product into your tattooing arsenal by stocking up on Wipe Outz Shop Towels today! When you do, you will enjoy the long list of benefits that come with this revolutionary paper towel that features the:

  • Softness
  • Durability
  • Absorbency
  • Endurance
  • Sterilization
  • Quality that you and your clients deserve!

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