Introducing WIPE OUTZ™ Advanced Tattoo Towels!

The Next Level In Tattoo Safety

STERILIZED, No Needle Clog, Long Lasting

Created by Artists for Artists and Their Clients

Vegan! NO animal testing!

Wipe Outz™ 1 Case / Dry-White 10-Count Packs / Contains 48 Packs

Wipe Outz™ 1 Case / Dry-Black 10-Count Packs / Contains 48 Packs 

Wipe Outz™ “Singles” 1 Case / Wet-White 1-Count Tattoo Aftercare Wipes  / Contains 500 Tattoo Aftercare Wipes 

Please specify how many Wipe Outz™ display boxes you would like? IT’s ON US!

Wipe Outz “Singles” sold  individually or we have a box that holds 12 tattoo aftercare wipes that you can take with you. Display tray fits 12 “singles.”

Wipe Outz “Singles” offered in our Wipe Outz™ display tray of 48 as well. For counters in retail areas, as well as a shelf in any artists station.

Please specify. We are happy to help if you are not sure!

Options and Perks to sell Wipe Outz™ Tattoo Aftercare Wipes.

Shops Can Earn Extra Revenue

Offer Something New, Cutting Edge and Awesome!

Make your shop or yourself look great by offering or give your clients Wipe Outz™ Sterilized Tattoo Aftercare Wipes!

Common Practice Example.

Wash your fresh tattoo during the healing process, usually 3 times a day is recommended, how are they cleaning it that 2nd time of the day? At work or out and about, even at home this is safer and easier with no mess! If the tattoo doesn’t get cleaned that 2nd time of the day, well then the instructions are not being followed.

Using tap water, in a dirty sink some where at work or out and about. We don’t want fresh tattoos cared for like that. Not me anyways!

-Mike DeVries


Your Selection

1 Case Dry White 10-Count Packs, 48 Packs, 1 Case Dry Black 10-Count Packs, 48 Packs, 1 Case Aftercare Singles, 500 Singles


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