WIPE OUTZ™ Tattoo Care Packs—12 Single Individually Packaged Tattoo Wipes

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Perfect for on-the-go tattoo care! Use Wipe Outz™ at the park, camping, at work, anywhere! No sink needed!

Only a buck a piece! Currently selling them in quantities of 12!

Soaked in our antibacterial, antimicrobial , cooling WASH formula!

Gamma-Sterilized. No Sting. Non-Toxic. Soothing.

Vegan! No Animal Testing!

Unique embossed material that is soft to the touch, yet sturdy and durable when wet.

WIPE OUTZ™ wash towels are alcohol and latex free!

Thoroughly tested and approved by the industry’s most respected artists!

Made for artists and tattoo collectors by tattoo artists!

*Orders will be shipped without our fancy box. Our fancy box will be here soon!

This round of tattoo wipes are black. Next batch and all future cleansing tattoo wipes will be white. 

We love the feedback! Email us that you want black singles and we’ll make it happen!


A tattoo is essentially a fresh open wound! Cleaning your fresh tattoo is common practice at 3-4 times a day to prevent infection and ensure proper healing. Even if you have access to a bathroom and a sink when you’re out, it’s not a clean environment for this type of care. Everything in that space could contaminate your new tattoo if you’re not careful!

Wipe Outz™ Wash wipes are a safe way to care for your new tattoo. When they come out of the package you know they’re clean. The wash formula is antibacterial and antimicrobial to effectively clean your tattoo.

Just throw some singles in your pocket or purse and wipe your tattoo clean 3 or 4 times a day. Use them at work, camping, on the construction site, when you’re out with friends, etc.

The 10-count pack is great to have on your bathroom counter for fast and safe cleansing at home.

These wipes are single use and no rinse. Just open the package and wipe the tattoo clean, and it’s no rinse so you’re good to go.




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