Wipe Outz Sterilized Tattoo DRY Black Towels (10 Ct)

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Wipe Outz™ Sterilized Tattoo DRY Black Towels 

Pro Tattoo Artists & Tattoo Shop Owners! Buy Wipe Outz™ In Bulk to use During tattoo sessions! Stock up on Cases at GREAT PRICES! 

Buy In Bulk Wipe Outz™ Advanced Tattoo Towels are specifically engineered with both the client and artist in mind!

  • Gamma-Sterilized Premium, Long Lasting Material
  • Highly Absorbent
  • No Paper Residue, No Lint
  • No More Needle Clogs
  • Soft & Durable
  • One Pack Goes Along Way
  • Less Irritation & Redness
  • Clients will Feel the Difference
  • Convenient for Shop and Travel Use
  • Setup Faster / Pack Quicker / More Compact
  • Biodegradable / Vegan / NO Animal Testing
  • Sterilized For The Next Level In Tattoo Safety. 



    Planning On Getting a New Tattoo or Just Received a New Tattoo?

    Whether or not you planned ahead or just got a new tattoo. Stock up on the Cleanest Dry Tattoo Towels in the World!

    Safely Caring For New Tattoos Just got Really Safe and Easy!

    You can now Effectively DRY Your Fresh Tattoo with our Wipe Outz™ Premium Sterile DRY Tattoo Towels!

    • Plan on getting more tattoos?
    • Subscribe to Save 10%!
    • Build your Own Custom Subscription!
    • Cancel or Edit your Subscription Anytime!
    • Sterilized Tattoo Towels Arrives, Hassle Free!

    Premium Tattoo Towels Dry-White (10 Ct) Packs 


    • Gamma-Sterilized
    • Bacteria Free
    • No Paper Residue
    • Soft & Durable
    • Less Irritation & Redness
    • Convenient
    • Biodegradable 

    Tattoo Collector Pro Tip! 
    Bring Your Own Pack to Your Next Tattoo Session To Be Used On You! 
    You'll Feel The Difference as Well as Having the Peace of Mind of Sterility!

    Click Here to Read Our Tattoo Blog on "How to Safely Dry and Care for a New Fresh Tattoo!"



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