• Sterilized Wipes For Tattoo Safety

    Sterilized For Tattoo Safety

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Sterilized For Tattoo Safety

Soft. Durable. No Lint.

Made For Artists & Collectors

On The Go Tattoo Wipes

Wipe Outz™ Premium Tattoo Towels

Nearly 3 years were spent researching different materials, testing absorption, strength and overall construct. Wipe Outz™ Advanced Tattoo Towels are our first step in providing the very best in Tattoo Towels by placing a cleaner option right in your hands! These towels are sterilized, convenient, pre-folded and ready to use. 

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Clean Tattoo Towels


HEY!!!!!! I need all the Wipe Outz, Arlo took the whole bag you gave me and I'm obsessed with them!

Ryan Ashley


I feel every artist should try receiving a tattoo when using these VS paper towels. It changes the whole experience. 

Brad Ryans


Hi Mike, Wanted to let you know that the Wipes are awesome! I only used 6 for a full day tattoo, no irritation & the client noticed from me using towel roll all day before. Thank you brother.

Arron Raw


I have to say your product is a game changer. No redness throughout the tattooing process. The towels holds so much excess ink before having to change towel. Spent more time tattooing than cleaning to see where I am going. You have a customer for life.

Daniel Park


 Shout out to @mdwipeoutz for the lil' care package!!! I've been using these the last couple days and they're pretty rad. If you're a fuckin' slob like me, and can't keep a stencil on for the life of you, try these out. They won't wipe stencils off at all! And if you want to clean out a liner without paper towels clogging up your shit, (which in turn makes you pull your fuckin' hair out) these won't ever clog your needles! Think of all the money you'll save on rogaine!

Josh Herman

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