About Us


Wipe Outz is the brainchild of tattoo artist, Mike DeVries.

Advancing not only the art of tattooing but also the health and welfare of artists and their clients, that’s been a primary goal of Mike's since the beginning.

Mike found the perfect mixture of the right material, thickness and the right texture for what would become Wipe Outz the tattoo industry’s first sterilized, tattoo towels designed specifically for professional tattoo artists and their great clients!

Available as a Premium, Sterilized DRY Tattoo Towel in Black or White!

Wipe Outz™ have been tested and approved by the industry’s most respected top artists. Visit our Pro Team

...And we are only getting started... over the coming months and years, Mike DeVries and the Wipe Outz™ team, will release more innovative products for tattoo artists, and for collectors alike. Helping take the art of tattooing to the next level in safety and innovation. 

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