Can You Shower After Getting A Tattoo?

You’ve just finished your tattoo session and now have an awesome new piece of art adorning your skin, but can you shower after getting a tattoo? We know this is a common concern for tattoo collectors so we gathered eight tips to help you shower safely during those first few days of the tattoo aftercare period.

Before we begin, remember that listening to your artist and heeding their advice is always recommended. Each artist has their own tattooing method and has learned tips and tricks along the way, to maintain an open dialogue and be diligent about taking care of your new masterpiece.

Can You Shower After Getting A Tattoo?

Some artists nowadays use adhesive wrap after completing a tattoo and if this applies to you, ask your artist how long they recommend keeping it on. Some tattooers will instruct you to leave it on for 24 hours, three days, or even longer; so, if they wrap you up with this type of a breathable bandage, heed their advice. You can shower with the adhesive wrap in place, just be mindful of its location and monitor the time you spend under the nozzle so that the adhesion doesn’t loosen.

If your skin is not adorned with adhesive wrap, we recommend hopping in the shower as soon as you get home to wash the tattoo and start preparing for the healing process.

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If you’re looking for a convenient way to keep your new ink clean, try a pack of WIPE OUTZ™ Wash Singles for on-the-go antibacterial, convenient tattoo care!


  1. Don’t stream the shower spray directly onto your tattoo. Instead, keep it guarded, and while it’s not a problem to get it wet, you don’t want the water pounding down on the area that is freshly inked. If your shower head is adjustable, set it to the mildest stream.
  2. Keep the water at a lukewarm or cool temperature. While steam is good for opening pores, don’t bask in it for too long. If you do enjoy a short steam, follow it up with a cold blitz before getting out of the shower so that your pores close back up and no ink is lost that could result in a less-than-ideal heal.
  3. Be sure to use a mild, fragrance-free, alcohol-free soap to clean your tattoo while you are in the shower.
  4. While cleaning your tattoo, proceed with caution. Be extremely gentle when you apply soap and while you want to be sure to wash off any blood or plasma that is sitting on the tattoo, don’t be overly aggressive while washing. It might even be helpful to use a WIPE OUTZ™ cleansing wipe before getting into the shower so that the tattoo cleaning step is complete before you even turn on the water. You have options with Wipe Outz™! Go ahead and take a shower and when you get out use a WIPE OUTZ™ Wash Single.
  5. Don’t use something abrasive like a washcloth, loofah, or scrub brush. Not only can these items transfer bacteria, but they can also damage that fresh new layer of ink that is trying to heal.
  6. Don’t spend too much time in the shower. Since your tattoo is sensitive at this point, there is no need to expose it to too much water or steam. So, do your thing…but make it as brief as you can.
  7. When you get out of the shower, be careful when drying the tattooed area. You need to be mindful of what you are using to dry it! It’s best to use a patting approach or allow the tattoo to air dry. Just don’t rub it aggressively.
  8. Keep your tattoo clean while on the go. Try our antibacterial WIPE OUTZ™ tattoo wipes between showers to keep your tattoo clean and fresh.
  9. We left the best TIP for last! Let’s talk a little bit more about drying a fresh healing tattoo? What is the best and safest way to dry a fresh new tattoo? Use WIPE OUTZ™ DRY Sterilized Tattoo Towels! That is the ultimate way to dry a brand new tattoo, they’re extremely strong yet very soft! Just gently wipe and/or pat the piece down by using a Wipe Out. Dry packs come in packs of 10!


So, can you shower after getting a tattoo?

Yes, you can shower after getting a tattoo but it’s important to follow the advice of your tattoo artist and keep these seven tips in mind before showering.

Doing so will ensure your tattoo heals properly and looks great for years to come. Repeat these showering tips for a few days while your tattoo begins the healing process and remember that between showers. As time marches forward, you will notice that the showering process will slowly return to normal.

Always remain mindful of your tattoo and treat it with special care during the aftercare stages. Think Clean!

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