Getting a New Tattoo? Six Easy Steps to Follow

We’ve written before about cleaning your tattoo once you’ve been tattooed, but what can you do beforehand to prepare?

We’ve compiled some tips that might be helpful to keep in mind as you get ready for tattoo appointment. Tricks that will help you to feel more confident going into the event and will also help you to heal and recover quicker too.

  1. Think Positively! Remember that having confidence and preparing mentally can help your tattooing experience to go more smoothly, which in turn results in a more enjoyable and memorable outcome. Studies have shown that a positive mindset can dictate the level of pain that you experience…so rev up that optimism before you head to the tattoo chair.
  2. Hydrate: Be sure that you drink plenty of water before your appointment (and during too). Water helps with skin elasticity, which your tattoo artist will appreciate as they work on your piece. H20 also helps to moisturize and hydrate skin, as well as serves as an important tool in fighting off illness and infection (which is essential to healing your new tattoo).
  3. Watch what you ingest: Be mindful of how much caffeine and alcohol you consume, as both of these substances tend to make you more dehydrated. Alcohol in particular thins your blood and that is not ideal when receiving a tattoo. In addition, avoid aspirin and other blood-thinning medications on the day of your tattoo.
  4. Dress for comfort: Be sure you are mindful of where your tattoo will be placed and what will allow your artist to get to that area without much hassle or inconvenience. It’s best to choose something loose and comfy. Also wear clothing that won’t rub on the spot once you are finished. Keeping those areas less constricted will allow your tattoo to begin the healing process even sooner as well.
  5. Sleep: You are probably aware that sleep is a powerful tool for life in general, but it can be incredibly important when you are putting your body through the stress and pain associated with getting a tattoo. Don’t stay out the night before and plan accordingly to get a good night’s sleep instead. Sleep can help you to have a stronger and more balanced mental mindset, which can in turn help you to deal with the pain associated with getting tattooed.
  6. Stock up on Wipe Outz Tattoo Towels: You’ll feel prepared for the healing phase once your tattoo is finished if you have Wipe Outz™ Tattoo Wipes on hand. They make cleaning your tattoo more efficient, less messy, and are super convenient. Wipe Outz™ are also non-toxic, biodegradable, and vegan, so they are safe to use on your skin and safe for the environment. Stock up today and set your mind at ease for the aftercare stage of the tattooing process.

Keep in mind that every preventative measure you take will impact the aftereffects of the tattooing process, including the all-important healing step. You’ll find that putting effort and thought into the before, during, and after phases will leave you with a more beautiful tattoo and a more memorable experience.

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