How To Safely Clean Your Fresh Tattoo Anywhere, Anytime! Cleansing Tattoo Wipes

Finally, you can Safely Clean Your Fresh New Tattoo Anywhere at Anytime with this Revolutionary New Product!

Over the past decade, the tattoo industry has experienced a boom of innovation that has taken the craft to a whole new level. Artists have surprised us with jaw-dropping artistic styles, technological advancements, and revolutionary tattoo products that push the boundaries of what was previously thought possible.

The tattoo industry is more exciting than ever for both artists and collectors.

And it’s about to get even better …


Joining the list of revolutionary products are Wipe Outz™ Advanced Tattoo Towels.

Created by long-time tattoo artist, Mike DeVries, Wipe Outz were invented and designed to make life easier for collectors who just added a new piece of ink to their skin, as well as for tattooists who seek a streamlined tattooing process.

Here are some reasons why Wipe Outz™ tattoo aftercare cleansing wipes are essential if you’re the recipient of a fresh new tattooed treasures:



Wipe Outz™ are the tattoo industry’s first sterilized tattoo towels. Using sterilized products is extremely important when you are caring for an open wound, a fresh tattoo definitely falls under that category. Wipe Outz™ sets your mind at ease by treating this open wound and helping you to keep your new ink clean while aiding in a safer healing process. Going through the time, effort, expense, and pain of getting a new tattoo, proper aftercare is Vital.


Wipe Outz™ Singles On-The-Go Tattoo care were designed to travel with you wherever you go.

Whether you are at the shop, at home, traveling, at work, or on-the-go, the towels are conveniently packaged and easy to pop into your bag or your pocket and they’re there for when it’s time to wash your fresh tattoo.


If you have a new tattoo in a tricky-to-clean spot, such as your stomach or ribs, you know how hard it is to stand over the sink and hassle with soap and water running down your legs and onto the floor.

Wipe Outz™ reduces this nuisance because the cleaning mechanism is built right into the towel. Just open, clean, and go. It’s that easy! You don’t even need a sink or a towel to dry it off!


This aspect of Wipe Outz™ is very helpful to artists because they now don’t need to worry about residue atop their work or pieces of paper towel clogging their needles. This makes the entire tattooing process significantly smoother and more enjoyable for their clients, as well as for their piece of mind.


We all know that it’s painful enough earning a new tattoo and nobody wants additional discomfort when they are washing and caring for their ink during the aftercare stage. Wipe Outz™ comes to the rescue in this department too, because the soft and soothing formula is alcohol-free and does not sting when you are cleaning your tattoo. This helps to ease the mind of tattoo recipients and helps artists to know that they are making the tattooing experience as pleasant as possible for their clients. Wipe Outz™ wash towels are also durable yet very soft!


These earth-conscious elements of design were very important when creating Wipe Outz™ and we want to do our part to not only keep your skin happy and safe but be mindful of the planet as well.


Now is the time to climb aboard this revolutionary ride into the next wave of tattooing progress, safety, and convenience. If you take tattooing seriously, do yourself a favor and add Wipe Outz™ to your repertoire of tattoo essentials. Your ink (and skin) will thank you! Buy Wipe Outz™ Sterilized Aftercare wipes today!

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