After you go through the time and energy (not to mention the expense) involved with acquiring a new tattoo, it only makes sense that you would want to continue to follow a regimen that ensures the best healing and most effective outcome for that new inked treasure. Investing in proper tattoo aftercare products is essential in today’s world, where tattoo projects just keep getting more and more impressive and inspiring. Most tattoo artists have their own modified versions of providing aftercare instructions, and if you have searched online, you might notice that a lot of the recommendations out there are a bit outdated. It’s almost 2019, and we need to incorporate REVOLUTIONARY METHODS of tattoo healing into our daily repertoires! 

We know how essential each step is in the aftercare process and we want to be sure that you are informed as to how important being thoughtful and diligent can be. Not only is cleaning important, but so is DRYING that fresh ink, and making sure that it has every chance possible to heal beautifully. 


  1. Don’t use rough paper towels or let tiny flecks of a paper towel rest on your skin, as it could seep into the open wound and cause infection.
  2. Don’t use any fabric with a rough texture that could cause irritation or be abrasive to the new tattoo.
  3. Only use clean towels or fabrics if you can use to pat dry your tattoo. A bath towel that has been hanging up for a week and had multiple people’s hands handling it has all sorts of germs and bacteria growing on its surface. This is the LAST thing you want in that open wound, so be mindful of only using fresh linens.
  4. To avoid all of the above, stock up on MD Wipe Outz™ Dry Sterilized Tattoo Towels and use the EASIEST and most REVOLUTIONARY method for keeping your tattoos dry, clean, and sanitary. 
  5. Read on below for more detailed tricks and tips!


When it comes to revolutionizing the cleaning process, MD Wipe Outz™ Dry Sterilized Tattoo Towels have made this formerly messy and time-consuming process as easy and streamlined as can be! 

Essentially you’re dealing with an open wound susceptible to bacteria, which can lead to future infections. Using Sterilized Dry Towels, conveniently packed that are soft and less abrasive sounds great!

  • MD Wipe Outz™ Dry Sterilized Tattoo Towels make this step as easy as opening the packet and wiping the area! 
  • Their textured and quilted design have special interwoven biodegradable fibers that offer the best absorption of ink and lead to a deep cleansing of the skin. 
  • It is the ultimate way to be safe, clean by using a sterilized product!


As noted above, another excellent benefit of using MD Wipe Outz™ Dry Sterilized Tattoo Towels is being able to cut out the hassle of using bath towels to dry a tattoo. This element of tattoo aftercare is essential to be mindful of, because most people are unaware of how much bacteria can be transferred from a bath towel that has been hanging up for days or weeks at a time, when they pull it out to dry their new tattoo with. 

  • Since tattoos are essentially open wounds, any bacteria or microorganisms that are growing on that cloth can embed into the tattoo. This is not conducive to an ideal heal and a practice that we want to avoid. 
  • This is why MD Wipe Outz™ Dry Sterilized Tattoo Towels are the perfect solution to a dirty towel and will keep your new ink fresh, clean, and in the best possible shape to heal beautifully. 


So, leave behind the outdated and old-fashioned way of cleaning and drying your tattoos! It’s time to join the revolution and put sterilization, safety, and convenience at the top of your list when caring for your new ink! Since you invest so much effort, time, and money into your work, your skin deserves the best…and when it makes life easier and cleaner at the same time, there is no question as to what the right move is! Let MD Wipe Outz™ Dry Sterilized Tattoo Towels revolutionize your tattoo experience! Click here to Buy!

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