INSTAGRAM TIPS & TRICKS FOR TATTOO ARTISTS: How Social Media Can Help You to Grow Your Business

Social media has undoubtedly changed the scope of tattooing and the way in which tattoo artists are able to share their work and reach potential clients. It also serves as a source of inspiration and a way in which artists can learn from one another, communicate, and keep up with trends, products, and changes in the industry.

While many social media platforms can benefit your business and help with growing your clientele and sphere of influence, Instagram has long been a favorite among artists because it provides the ease of sharing tattoo work, tattoo designs, and life events through easily shared photos and stories. We thought we would round up a handful of tricks and tips when it comes to utilizing Instagram and all that it has to offer.


  • VISUAL STORIES: Let your page paint a visual story of your portfolio by showcasing common themes, color palettes, and designs that a newcomer to your page will instantly notice and remember.
  • CAPTIONS THAT CLICK: Write captions that will allow potential clients to get an understanding of who you are and what your shop is like. This helps to set a mood and vibe that oftentimes resonates with viewers and will help them to feel comfortable in approaching you for their next tattoo
  • LOGO POWER: Incorporate your logo or shop brand onto your page or profile image so that clients get accustomed to seeing it and remembering you when it comes time to choose an artist.
  • BIOS THAT SPEAK VOLUMES: Take the time to craft your bio so that it is clear and easy to understand. Don’t forget to provide the best ways for clients to reach you and make appointments.
  • UTILIZE THE CONTACT BUTTON: This is a nice tool that allows potential clients to have easy drop-down access to your email and contact information without cluttering your bio and using up all of the precious character spaces that IG allows.
  • TAKE GREAT PHOTOS: Take pride in your work by showcasing the final product with outstanding, clear photos. It might also be helpful to maintain consistency in the style and backgrounds of your photos, which helps a page to have instant cohesion and flair. Find a spot in your shop (or outside) with great lighting that you can designate as your photo-taking area.
  • HASHTAG: Take advantage of the brilliant little # sign and bring viewers to your page who might not otherwise find you. Keep up with the latest hashtags and utilize the ones that are appropriate with your work and style.
  • HEALED WORK: Viewers seem to love catching glimpses of what tattoos look months and years after the initial session. So, ask clients to snap healed shots and throw them in there every so often. This will help clients to have an idea of what they can expect down the road if they choose you as their artist.
  • HAVE FUN: The marketing aspect of tattooing can sometimes feel like one more task to add to your already-busy schedule, but approach social media with the creative and positive attitude that you do your own artwork. Try to enjoy the process by remembering the benefits that can come from putting in the effort and time as you build a memorable and inspiring page.


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