When you get a new tattoo, your body goes through many different steps as it heals along the way. One of those includes the scabbing process, which to some effect will always happen (whether it’s noticeable or not), as your tattoo moves from being an open wound to settling into your skin. Since so much time, energy, money, and pain is associated with acquiring your new ink, it’s important to understand the elements of scabbing and what you can do make sure it heals optimally.


Many people worry that scabbing means that something is wrong or should be a cause for concern, but have no fear…it is a normal process in the tattoo healing game and means that your body is responding to the open wound and the trauma that the tattooed skin area has just endured.

The skin must regenerate itself in order to prevent infection, and does so when:

• plasma in your blood oozes from the wound
• hardens around the area
• and begins to cover the opening in order to protect it from infection

While the tattoo is going through this process, it is essential to keep your tattoo clean, so that it can begin to heal. This is when using WIPE OUTZ™ can be a game changer! Knowing that you have a sterilized product that will help you during this stage will set your mind at ease and keep any scabbing from becoming larger than necessary, so as to avoid infection.


While the scabbing process is normal, there are instances that are out of the ordinary and which you should keep an eye out for. These include:

• Extremely thick scabs that are dense in nature
• Red areas that develop around the scab (which may be a sign of infection)
• Excessive oozing
• Excessive swelling
• Bleeding
• Pain that is out of the ordinary

If you notice these signs occurring, it is best to first visit your tattoo artist and get their advice as to what you are experiencing and how to proceed. In extreme cases, tattoo collectors may need to seek medical help. These instances are uncommon and can oftentimes be avoided by taking proper precautions beforehand and by being vigilant about keeping the healing area clean with WIPE OUTZ™, light layers of lotion or tattoo lubricant, and a thoughtful tattoo aftercare routine.


There are “DO-NOTS” to be mindful of when it comes to scabbing, so heed the following tips, in order to ensure as smooth of a healing process as possible.

• NEVER pick at your scabs! No matter how tempting it is, allow the scabs to heal and fall off on their own. If you prematurely pick off a scab, it may also pull out ink that is settled into that area of the tattoo and may result in patches of ink looking blotchy or pitted areas developing.

• Don’t allow your tattoo to soak up too much water when it is scabbing. Not only can this breed bacteria and potentially lead to infection, but it may cause the scab to fall off prematurely. The best way to avoid this no-no is to keep WIPE OUTZ™ in your aftercare arsenal, so that you can keep the area clean and free from bacteria.

• Try not to SCRATCH around the scab. While the area is undoubtedly itchy and may be uncomfortable, scratching can lead to the same problems that picking can. In addition, fingers and fingernails are full of germs that you don’t want around your tattoo when you are trying to maintain its cleanliness.


Your new tattoo is not only a permanent work of art, it is also an open wound that will most likely scab as it is healing. The best way to deal with scabbing is to follow proper tattoo aftercare steps and keep your new ink clean by using Wipe Outz™ products and listening carefully to your tattoo artist’s instructions. You can always reach out to us here at Wipe Outz™ if you have questions or need advice. We love our customers and want you to have a positive healing process that protects your new work of art for years to come.

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