New X-Large Dry Towels and 20-Count Premium Dry Towels

Tattoo artists have spoken, and we have listened! We appreciate the excellent feedback from our loyal customers and have taken these recommendations to heart and created some new products that we are thrilled to announce! These two new additions to the Wipe Outz lineup will make your tattooing experience even more seamless and convenient. 

We are happy to announce new Wipe Outz Premium X-Large Dry Towels and Wipe Outz Premium 20-Count Tattoo Towels. Both of these products offer the same great material as the Advanced Tattoo Towels you have used in the past, with new advantageous features. 

The Wipe Outz XL Dry towels are the size of a standard paper towel and designed to offer tattoo artists a familiar and effective tool to use while tattooing. Choose the size that is best for you and the project you are working on. 

In addition to the X-Large towels, we also now offer Wipe Outz Premium Tattoo Towels in a 20-Count size. These are convenient for tattoo artists because they are DOUBLE the amount of our regular sized OG dry towels and the best part is they are the same great price as our original packs! 

Regardless of which size or quantity you order, you can rest assured that our tattoo towels will benefit your tattooing experience for many reasons. Not only are they softer and cause less irritation to your clients’ skin, but they also allow for a better healing experience. 

Our towels help you to offer longer tattoo sessions because clients can really feel the difference. In addition, artists don’t have to deal with nasty needle clogs, nor the clumpy lint build-up that comes from kitchen paper towels. 

Our towels are lint-free and result in zero residue. Furthermore, Wipe Outz Tattoo Towels are gamma-sterilized, which is an important aspect in today’s world, when creating a cleaner and safer tattooing experience is even more imperative than ever before. 

You can always rest assured that Wipe Outz will benefit your ability to create excellent tattoos. 

  • Sterilized and safe 
  • Convenient 
  • Create less mess 
  • Leave no residue 
  • Prevent needle clog 
  • Relieve the sting 
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable, and vegan 

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