THE BENEFITS OF ICING A NEW TATTOO: Why it Can Help with the Aftercare Process

One of the best kept secrets when it comes to tattoo aftercare is the process of icing a tattoo. There are many reasons why this helps your skin and body to recover. Icing is beneficial because when you receive a new tattoo there’s a good likelihood that it may be swollen and tender. Bringing down this trauma to the skin is essential to giving your tattoo a jump-start when it comes to the recovery and healing process.

Once you get home and settled in, it’s recommended that the tattooed area be iced for approximately 20 minutes. As you start this soothing process, you will notice:

  • Swelling will start to go down
  • Bruising will be reduced because the icing temporarily decreases the amount of blood flow to the sore area
  • The decreased blood flow (from the ice) will alleviate pain
  • The inflammation will decrease
  • There will be less weeping of plasma and fluid
  • Itching will be reduced
  • A numbing effect will kick in that helps to offer immediate pain relief
  • The cold will close the pores and lock the ink in
  • You will notice a temperature drop and cooling sensation
  • The healing process will begin sooner

Icing can be done in several ways. Of course, you can use the old bag of ice method, however, we recommend using our new MD Wipeoutz Cleansing Wipes as a new revolutionary practice in the icing game. This is suggested because you can freeze these wipes and they instantly double as ice packs. By using MD Wipeoutz Cleansing Wipes:

  • Tattoo artists can send their clients out the door with an instant ice pack
  • It makes finding an icing method a breeze, because you just thaw it out and wipe it clean
  • You are using a tried-and-true product that is endorsed by top tattoo artists from around the globe
  • Each wipe is generously soaked in our gentle, antimicrobial, soothing wash formula
  • The cleansing wipe kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria
  • There are no harsh chemicals
  • The wipes are fragrance, alcohol, and paraben-free
  • Safe for all skin types
  • All you need to do is “ice it, then wipe it” – it doesn’t get easier than that!

While each person reacts differently to new tattoos and the healing process will vary from client to client, one thing is for certain: that icing injured areas has been medically shown to help the healing and recovery process with all types of bruises, lesions, and wounds. Since a new tattoo can be traumatic to the skin and is in essence an open wound itself, this method of cooling and soothing can help you to feel as though the healing process is off to a swift start.

After icing the tattoo, follow our week-by-week guide to tattoo healing and aftercare. And remember that your diligence, care, and attention to the new tattoo is essential. You will go through several stages in the healing process, but patience and care are vital. Stock up on MD WipeOutz tattoo towels to help with having a smooth, convenient, and sterile aftercare setup. The more knowledgeable and prepared you are, the more likely your healing experience will be.

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