BENEFITS OF USING MD WIPE OUTZ WITH COSMETIC TATTOOING: Microblading, Scalp Micropigmentation, Lip Blushing, Permanent Eyeliner

There once was a time when waking up with makeup already in place before you even shower or enjoy your morning coffee was a fantastical wish, but thanks to the wonders of permanent cosmetic tattooing, your beauty wishes can be a reality. Unlike past decades when cosmetic tattooing left clients with odd looking lines, permanent makeup in today’s world can be flawless and uniform, with artists offering their clients full brows, tattooed hair “follicles,” precise eyeliner, and beautifully tinted lips.

Artists who offer microblading use a tattooing technique that creates a full-brow appearance by pulling fine-line strokes that deposit pigment in a smooth process. Since the lines aren’t embedded as deeply as a regular tattoo, it will fade and require touch-ups, but most microblading procedures last between one to two years. Cosmetic tattoo artists love using MD Wipe Outz cleansing tattoo wipes because of their design and formula, which is not too wet and not too dry – it’s just right for helping during the microblading procedure and perfect to offer to clients afterwards as they head home and embark on the aftercare process.

When clients opt for the lip blushing cosmetic tattoo, they can choose the shade of pigment that they want to define and fill their lips with. Cosmetic tattooers have demonstrated that lip blushing not only leaves clients with full lips, but also offers an instant tint that can help in the mornings when you are pressed for time and need to rush out the door. Many tattoo artists apply numbing cream before the procedure, so the client only feels some nips and pinches. By using MD Wipe Outz cleansing towels, the client can have a smooth and comfortable experience because each time the artist wipes ink away, it provides a gentle swab that doesn’t aggravate the area or cause unnecessary affliction. After having lip blushing done, clients can expect for their lips to feel a bit tender, dry, and flaky, but by using MD Wipe Outz during the healing process, the soft and lint-free wipes provide relief.

Another popular cosmetic tattoo procedure if permanent eyeliner, which provides clients with pigment applied on the lash line that mimics the look of makeup eyeliner. The beauty of this process is that permanent eyeliner doesn’t run or smudge, and clients don’t have to spend time each morning trying to recreate perfect lines that can oftentimes be tedious. Another benefit is that many people have sensitivities to eye makeup, and this can alleviate this concern, as well as the cost of trying out a multitude of products. This cosmetic tattoo can stay in place between one and three years and offers clients definition and distinction without having to reach for the eyeliner tube. Because the healing process for permanent eyeliner can be a sensitive one for some people, MD Wipe Outz can offer a gentle, bacteria-free, non-abrasive experience by having our tattoo towels at your side. 

Scalp micropigmentation also known as a “hair tattoo” is a procedure that uses detailed micro-needles to deposit pigment into the scalp to give the illusion of a close-buzz hairstyle. Scalp micropigmentation can restore receded hairlines, thicken remaining hair, camouflage transplant scarring, and create the look of close-cropped hair. Using MD Wipe Outz tattoo towels during the aftercare process can be an easy way to keep things clean and sanitary. In addition, these tips can give clients a long-lasting result.

  • Avoid intense exercise for the first five days so that you don’t sweat excessively and interrupt your tattoo healing
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight and UV rays which may lead to sunburn and could damage the new tattooed area and lead to premature fading
  • Avoid shaving while the area is healing
  • Avoid scrubbing your head with shampoo, as this action and break the skin and open wounds
  • Avoid excessive touching of your scalp so that you don’t present bacteria to the area or increase the likelihood of infection

Whether you are a cosmetic tattoo artist looking for a non-abrasive tattoo towel that deliver less-irritated skin, better healed tattoos, and provides an overall better tattoo experience for both yourself and your client, or you are a client getting ready to undergo one of these procedures, MD Wipe Outz tattoo wipes are the key to making this a smooth and effective process.

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