Getting a new tattoo can be exciting and there are several stages that your tattoo will go through when it’s healing. When you get tattooed, your skin goes through a considerable amount of trauma and one of the ways that your body works to heal is to allow that tattoo to scab. Sometimes people get worried when they see this happen, but it’s a normal aspect of the healing process and we want to walk you through some steps to look for and be mindful of so that you don’t overreact – and so that you also take measures to allow for the most optimal healing process possible.

Anytime our skin has an open wound, it must heal, and this is where scabbing comes in. It’s merely trying to reestablish and regenerate, and this is because when the plasma in your blood oozes from the new wound it then clots and solidifies around the area where you were tattooed. From there it begins to envelop around region in order to protect it from getting infected.

When your tattoo is in this stage of healing it is very important that you keep the tattoo clean and this is a great time to incorporate WipeOutz tattoo towels into your aftercare routine. WipeOutz are sterilized and bacteria-free. They cause less irritation and redness, and this helps the entire healing experience to be optimized.

Occasionally, you may notice that your tattoo has some issues while it’s going through this stage. Be sure to be on the lookout for:

  • Any redness that appears around the scab. If you see this happen, it could be signaling infection
  • Any bleeding that occurs
  • Any disproportionate amount of oozing from what seems normal
  • Swelling that seems excessive
  • Substantial or thick scabs

While these types of symptoms are abnormal, if you do notice them occurring, be sure to communicate with your tattoo artist and if needs be, seek treatment by a doctor.

The best way to avoid these problems is to follow the instructions that your tattoo artist gives you, remain vigilant with your aftercare, and include WipeOutz in your tattoo aftercare routine. Patience, care, and diligence is key. The more knowledgeable and prepared you are, the more likely your healing experience will be a positive one.

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