WHY KEEPING A NEW TATTOO CLEAN IS SO IMPORTANT: Tips for a Healthy Aftercare Routine

At MD Wipe Outz, our goal is to help everyone involved in each tattooing adventure to have a positive experience. Our products aid body art practitioners in keeping skin clean prior to tattooing, as well using them during and after tattoo sessions. They also assist tattoo collectors by providing the easiest and most convenient way to keep their new tattoos nice and clean. Because we design our products with these objectives in mind, we thought today would be a good opportunity to discuss why keeping tattoos clean is so essential.

The process of getting tattooed is an elaborate and complex procedure. It entails an artist using a needle that penetrates through the outer layer of your skin to draw in ink. Each time your skin is pierced it leaves the inner layers of skin exposed to possible bacterial infections making their way into the situation.

Because tattoos are essentially open wounds and involves trauma to skin, a person’s body will respond to this trauma by activating white blood cells, platelets, and lymphatic fluid. This occurs to help the body to battle impending infection and is the first step in healing, which eventually concludes in the skin developing a scab that helps to prevent bacteria from forming and entering the bloodstream.

In order to prevent additional symptoms like rashes, soreness or infection from occurring due to the risk of bacteria, your best bet to nipping this in the bud is to keep your tattoo as clean as possible. We recommend following these steps as you begin the aftercare process:

  • Wet your hands with water.
  • Use an antibacterial soap.
  • Lather the soap together in your hands for at least 15 seconds.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Dry your hands.
  • Turn off faucet using a towel – not your hands.
  • No Sink? No worries! To wash your hands, you can use Wipe Outz cleansing tattoo wipes to clean your hands before using another Wipe Outz tattoo wipe to clean your tattoo.
  • Simply use Wipe Outz to clean the fresh tattoo and just wipe or pat clean. Of course, there are times when you have been at home and were not out and about where your hands acquired germs. So, use your judgment on gauging where you have been and what you have touched to assess if you have a significant number of germs on your hands.

If you’re dealing with the cleansing process while you are out and about,

  • Wash your hands with soap and water throughout the day to ensure you’re not carrying germs around with you.
  • Clean your tattoo thoroughly each and every time.
  • Bring WIPE OUTZ with you whenever you leave the house.
  • Avoid public restrooms when cleaning your tattoo.
  • A new tattoo needs to be cleaned throughout the day to ensure its healthy and free of infection.

When you treat your new permanent work of art in a way that ensures proper healing, you are bound to have a more positive tattoo experience. We hope these steps will help you to avoid infection and other complications as you embark on the tattoo aftercare process. Be sure to grab some WIPE OUTZ cleansing tattoo wipes to make this undertaking easier and more convenient while you heal your new tattooed treasure.

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