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New X-Large Dry Towels and 20-Count Premium Dry Towels
Tattoo artists have spoken, and we have listened! We appreciate the excellent feedback from our loyal customers and have taken these recommendations to heart and created some new products that we are thrilled to announce! These two new additions to...
How to Prepare for a Tattoo: 12 Tricks and Tips that All Tattoo Collectors Should Know
There are many important steps involved in the tattooing process and one of the most critical of them all is preparing for the event. 
When you get a new tattoo, your body goes through many different steps as it heals along the way. One of those includes the scabbing process, which to some effect will always happen (whether it’s noticeable or not), as your tattoo moves from being an open wound to settling into your skin. Since so much time, energy, money, and pain is associated with acquiring your new ink, it’s important to understand the elements of scabbing and what you can do make sure it heals optimally.
How to Clean A Tattoo (8 Step-by-Step Instructions)
You have invested a lot in your new tattoo, including time, energy, money, and pain! With all that you have done to plan for and earn that new piece of ink, it is essential for you to understand how to clean a tattoo during the healing process. Taking the time to exercise proper tattoo aftercare will ensure your new tattoo heals properly and looks beautiful for years to come.
How Long Does A Tattoo Take to Heal?
After putting in the time, effort, and money to acquire your new tattoo, it’s essential to take the healing process seriously, and we’ve previously provided some helpful tips to make sure that your aftercare procedure is a breeze. But how long does a tattoo take to heal exactly?
Can You Shower After Getting A Tattoo?
You’ve just finished your tattoo session and now have an awesome new piece of art adorning your skin, but can you shower after getting a tattoo? We know this is a common concern for tattoo collectors so we gathered eight tips to help you shower safely during those first few days of the tattoo aftercare period.
How to Sleep With A New Tattoo Safely and Comfortably
Now that you are the proud owner of a new tattoo, it’s important you give your body a chance to recover so your tattoo heals properly. We’ve discussed the importance of tattoo aftercare before but today we’re taking a closer look at how to sleep with a new tattoo.
Tattoos In the Sun: 9 Simple Tips for Safe Tattoo Sun Exposure

Today, we’re taking a closer look at what you need to know about new tattoos and sunlight protection so you can enjoy summer fun with your tattoos in the sun.

If you’ve ever had a sunburn, you know first-hand how dangerous (and painful) it can be to spend too much time in the sun. A sunburn is caused by your skin’s reaction to ultraviolet (UV) light exposure. A sunburn is a form of skin damage that may trigger blisters and peeling.

How To Safely Clean Your Fresh Tattoo Anywhere, Anytime! Cleansing Tattoo Wipes

Finally, you can Safely Clean Your Fresh New Tattoo Anywhere at Anytime with this Revolutionary New Product!

Over the past decade, the tattoo industry has experienced a boom of innovation that has taken the craft to a whole new level. Artists have surprised us with jaw-dropping artistic styles, technological advancements, and revolutionary tattoo products that push the boundaries of what was previously thought possible.


After you go through the time and energy (not to mention the expense) involved with acquiring a new tattoo, it only makes sense that you would want to continue to follow a regimen that ensures the best healing and most effective outcome for that new inked treasure. Investing in proper tattoo aftercare products is essential in today’s world, where tattoo projects just keep getting more and more impressive